Meet Nikolaj & Mathias

We sent the two influencers Nikolaj and Mathias for a walk in the woods with their favorite Jane Kønig jewelry. See the inspiring pictures here.

8 day ago

Statement earrings med Caroline Plummer

Livsstilsblogger Caroline Plummer har stylet tre statement øreringe med hendes nye, fine korte frisure. Vi er vilde med både håret og Carolines valg. 

20 day ago

Meet Babette van Luyk

Meet Babette van Luyk the Dutch influencer. Babette is the new ambassador for Jane Kønig. We love Babette's colorful and playful style.

23 day ago

V ring - a classic by Jane Kønig

The V ring is an all time classic from Jane Kønig's collections and a must-have in your jewelry collection. We are tempted to say that should you have only one ring, it must be the V ring.

1 month ago

Meet Jane Kønig Ambassador Amalie Snøløs

Heja Norge! Meet Jane Kønig Ambassador Amalie Snøløs. Makeup interested gamer, pastel color fan and milk chocolate ice cream lover!

1 month ago

5 summer favourites

Jump into the sunshine with stunning jewellery from Jane Kønig. Summer is finally here, and it’s an amazing opportunity to show off your jewellery. So we’ve found 5 must-have summer jewellery pieces that are sure to complement your summer outfits.

4 months ago

Engagrment rings - Put a ring on it?

An engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewellery you'll buy in your life. If you’re planning to pop the question ‘will you marry me?’, then read on as Jane Kønig guides you to the perfect ring.

6 months ago


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and even though the day is about spending time with the one you love, few women can deny that a Valentine’s gift warms the heart. So Jane Kønig has put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day guide for those looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

7 months ago


Before you know it, it’ll be New Year’s Eve, and time to go all out on the jewelry front. As inspiration for your New Year outfit, Jane Kønig has some suggestions on what to wear as the clock strikes midnight.

7 months ago


The calendar reads January 2020, which means we’ve entered a new decade. If you need to update your jewellery box with this month's favorites keep reading. We have collected a selection of the most beautiful jewellery for less than 70 €.

7 months ago