Jewelry helps complete your look, which is why it’s essential to own jewelry that lasts for years and never goes out of fashion.Jane has selected 7 evergreens that are perfect for the style conscious woman, who doesn’t like to compromise on either design or quality.

Jewelry is always a good thing to have as a permanent fixture in your wardrobe as it can help complement your look. Perhaps you already have some timeless jewelry that you plan to keep for the rest of your life.You might also want to refresh your evergreens, which is why Jane Kønig has chosen 7 pieces of jewelry to inspire you in your next jewelry purchase. Jewelry helps add the final touch to an outfit.It also adds a personal touch, as jewelry often conceals a special meaning. The options are endless, but at Jane Kønig, you can be sure to find something to suit every taste. If you’re the classic type, you might prefer a more toned down style, but if you’re feeling brave and want to experiment with your look, go for voluminous, more eye-catching jewelry.

Update your jewelry collection with jewelry that will never go out of fashion, and which you can keep in your jewelry box for a lifetime. See the different styles in the picture above.

Small Braided Ring 18 karat
With this elegant and classic ring, you can rest assured that both design and material will last a lifetime. With its simple and minimalist look, this ring is easy to pair with your other jewelry.

The V-ring is one of Jane’s signature pieces, and has been in fashion for many years. The clean lines and sculptural shape makes it truly unique and timeless, and means you can wear it both now and for many years to come.

Lovetag necklace
You can keep the personal Lovetag necklace for life. It’s perfect for concealing a beautiful story that you can share with the one you love. Keep your Lovetag necklace for life, or pass it on to the next generation, and keep the story going. 

Pearl Earring
Pearls have existed for a long time and remain a part of jewelry fashion. That’s why this 18 karat gold pearl earring is the perfect evergreen jewelry. The feminine and timeless details suit any occasion.

Small Creole 18 karat
Let these small creoles become an integrated part of your jewelry collection. It’s always good to have a pair of simple creoles, which can be worn alone or combined with other jewelry. Jane Kønig’s round earrings have a minimalist and timeless design, and will never go out of fashion. 

Saturn Bracelet
The chain is a classic anchor chain, and the small squares are an extra pretty detail that makes the chain stand out from an ordinary anchor chain. The bracelet can be worn by women of all ages, and you can wear it every day.


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