Jane Kønig makes her stunning gold jewelry in 18 karat gold, but where does our fascination with this golden metal actually come from?

People have always been fascinated by gold, and for thousands of years gold has been considered one of our most valuable materials. The product is shiny, easy to shape, conducts electricity and is the only metal not to deteriorate over time.

These many unique properties have secured a starring role for gold throughout history, from décor for the Egyptians thousands of years BC and currency in the form of gold coins, to more recently being an important raw material in electronics, such as the sim card in your smartphone. But most importantly of all, gold is used for jewelry.

What is gold?
Gold is a precious metal that doesn’t react to oxygen or other substances in the atmosphere, which means it always stays shiny. In its purest form, gold is one of the most flexible materials around – in fact, it’s so soft that you can shape it with your hands. This means that to be used in jewelry, the gold has to be alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper and palladium to make it more durable.

Red and white gold
Gold only comes in one color: yellow. But you can use the alloy to create red gold and white gold. The more copper you use, the redder the gold, whereas white gold is alloyed with silver and palladium.

How to check if your jewelry is gold
Most gold jewelry consists of 14 or 18 karat gold, depending on how high the gold content is. If you want to check whether your jewelry is genuine, check for the small metal mark by the fastening. The mark indicates the karat of the gold. It could be a small 14 K or 18 K – or be written as decimals such as 750, indicating 75% or 18 karat.

Who suits gold?
Most women can wear gold jewelry, but the shiny metal suits some better than others. Gold really suits people with hair that has warm brown or red shades, and people with golden skin that tans easily. If you have paler skin and strong blue or green eyes, go for white gold.

Expensive and sought after
This beautiful precious metal is mined in mineral-rich areas such as mountains, cliffs, creeks and rivers. Two thirds of the world’s gold used to come from South Africa, but now China has become the main gold-mining country.

However, mining for gold is becoming harder and harder, which in turn increases the cost and demand across the world. It also means that gold retains its value differently to currency, which is known to fluctuate. Today the price of one gram of gold is around 300 kroner.

Did you know that…?
Gold never loses its properties, so you can melt down old gold to form new unique jewelry.


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