Meet Babette van Luyk

Meet Babette van Luyk
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Meet Babette van Luyk

Meet Dutch influencer Babette van Luyk, known as @babetteroosstyling on Instagram. Babette is the new ambassador for Jane Kønig. We love Babette's colourful and playful style.


Who are you?

I'm Babette van Luyk. I am 27 years old and live in The Hague, in the Netherlands.


What are you doing?

I work as an influencer, AutoCad designer and am a stylist and interior designer.


If an actor were to play you, who would it be?

Haha, a chaotic drama queen with a big wardrobe and great love for shopping and coffee.



Why did you say yes to being an ambassador for Jane Kønig?

I love the style the brand has. It is different from other jewellery brands and I still wear the jewellery every day.


What inspires you?

Upcoming influencers, Pinterest and I love going on vintage hunts.


Who do you love to follow on Instagram right now?

I love following so many girls on Instagram, but let's just pick a few for now:

Annejohannsen ♦ AnnaWinck ♦ Matildadjerf ♦ Clairerose ♦ Hannamw


Which Jane Kønig jewellery is your favourite? And why?

Souvenir Heart with Enamel! Souvenir Heart with Enamel! I have had the pendant on since I got it and I refuse to take it off. It is so styled between other necklaces and it gives a real 90’s vibe.


Babette van Luyk med Souvenir Enamel heart


Guilty pleasures?

Truffles, on everything! So delicious, haha.


A trend you hope will never return?

Low-waisted jeans. And it's coming back and I hate it :-)


A trend you hope will come back soon?

Good question. I actually really do not know. I always think I put on what I want.


Souvenir Heart pendants