The great hoop guide

Hoop earrings are a must have in your jewelry wardrobe.

At Jane Kønig you will find everything from small classic chunky hoops to the big festive hoops with precious stones.


3 months ago

Meet Jane Kønig Ambassador Josefine

Josefine Vogt loves Jane Kønig. And we love Josefine. See her 10 favorites.

3 months ago

Meet Nikolaj & Mathias

We sent the two influencers Nikolaj and Mathias for a walk in the woods with their favorite Jane Kønig jewelry. See the inspiring pictures here.

3 months ago

Statement earrings med Caroline Plummer

Livsstilsblogger Caroline Plummer har stylet tre statement øreringe med hendes nye, fine korte frisure. Vi er vilde med både håret og Carolines valg. 

4 months ago

Meet Babette van Luyk

Meet Babette van Luyk the Dutch influencer. Babette is the new ambassador for Jane Kønig. We love Babette's colorful and playful style.

4 months ago

Meet Jane Kønig Ambassador Amalie Snøløs

Heja Norge! Meet Jane Kønig Ambassador Amalie Snøløs. Makeup interested gamer, pastel color fan and milk chocolate ice cream lover!

4 months ago

5 summer favourites

Jump into the sunshine with stunning jewellery from Jane Kønig. Summer is finally here, and it’s an amazing opportunity to show off your jewellery. So we’ve found 5 must-have summer jewellery pieces that are sure to complement your summer outfits.

7 months ago