How to style your earrings

How to style your earrings
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How to style your earrings

Do you love earrings as much as we do, but need inspiration on how to style them?

We are really into mixing and matching our jewellery, to create a more exciting and personal look. 

There are endless opportunities to create your own unique and personal combination of earrings. Your earrings don’t necessarily have to match each other, and it is super cool to wear various earrings together. We love this trend at Jane Kønig. Therefore you can purchase all earrings by the piece, to be able to stack and style them as you like.


Look 1: Hoop earrings

How to style hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a must-have in your jewellery collection. There are so many beautiful variations of this style. We love to combine different hoops in the same ear, and also to mix a raw look with the more feminine.
Try to combine the elegant Midi Hoop and wear it with the raw Chunky Hoop. For a more personal look, you can do like Uma Feveile and add cute pendants, like the Love Letters or a more precious gemstone to your earring.


Look 2: Mixed metal earrings

Mix your gold and silver earrings

When it comes to mixing your jewellery, there are no rules for what’s right and wrong.
It is always exciting to try something new, and a cool trick is to combine different metals.
We like to mix our golden earrings with silver earrings, to create a more unique and more invigorating look. Try combining a gold ear cuff like the Reflection Cuff with a silver ear cuff like the Reflection Rhombus Cuff.

Another captivating styling is to use more distinctive silver earring, for example, the Slender Hoop, and wear with a humbler gold earring like the Small Half Moon Stud.

Look 3: Match your earrings

Match your earrings

If you like a more simplistic look, you can match your jewellery and create a clear connection in the jewellery you are wearing.
Jane Kønig has a wide range of opportunities for matching jewellery. Pick jewellery from the same collection, combine pieces with identical designs patterns or combine jewellery in matching metal.

A simple but still unique look is the combination of silver jewellery we see in the picture above. Reflection Heart Stud and Reflection Star Stud together with the distinctive ear cuffs Wide Reflection Cuff and Reflection Rhombus Cuff. It creates a cool contrast, while it is still simplistic.

If you are more into gold-plated jewellery, you can choose different styles from the same collection. Try combining the Reflection Midi Hoop with the Reflection Lightning Stud and the ear cuff Reflection Cuff. Even though its three very different earrings, we still see a common thread, which creates a very interesting but still simple look.


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