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Jewelry designer Jane Kønig is a dynamic and inspiring individual.Her dream wasn’t always to be a jewelry designer, but the years she spent at Denmark's School of Design shaped her journey. Keep reading to learn how Jane’s story began, what inspires her and which are her favorite stones.  

Why jewelry? 

This direction was never a conscious decision – I think my path was subconsciously paved by my need to be creative. I have always loved to disappear into my own imaginative world, where I will potter around something creative. I was the child you could leave in a corner with some paper, scissors and pencils, and you wouldn’t hear from me for hours. It was a complete coincidence that I went with a friend to the final exam performance at the Danish Design School, and was bowled over by how impressive it was. I spent all year working on my application and was accepted as a fashion designer – for 4 amazing years.During my course, I designed accessories for my assignments, such as jewelry and belt buckles. By the time I finished my course, metal work had become a passion, and from then on, jewelry was my world.

Is there anything you always have to hand while you work?

When I work, I always keep my old and wonderful cuttings from the 1980s to hand. I also keep all my materials, such as gold, silver and stones, by my side and use these when designing samples.

Are there any cities or countries that particularly inspire you?

Paris is my city. I love the Jewish quarter, where I have spent a lot of time in the last 25-30 years – it’s a lovely area where I feel really at home.Whenever I go to Paris, I always take a walk up Avenue Montaigne, and then do a tour of the Palais de Tokyo to see the wonderful exhibitions. I end the day with a gorgeous dinner at Monsieur Bleu. It has the best view of the Eiffel tower at night. A must in Paris is also Caviar Kaspia, a truly wonderful place.

Which artists inspire you?

I’m very inspired by art, and I love the very special energy that an artist can communicate through a work. I adore Andy Warhol and his entire set-up, happening film and gorgeous photos. I’m also a big fan of the Danish artist Christian Lemmerz – he’s just so talented at everything he does, and really stands by his principles. I’m also infatuated with Malene Landgreen, who has created some stunning art in our stores and on our beautiful jewelry boxes.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing for me is to have to cancel the social part of my life; no weekends, holidays and public holidays for many years now.I’ve often thought about what I’ve spent so many years doing, but until now, it’s always seemed like the right thing to do. I know myself really well, and when I feel that there’s no longer any sense to what I do, then I'll move on, and definitely to something other than design.

What is your favorite stone?

Right now the opal is my favorite.I find it really fascinating – it’s like it has this wonderful depth.Generally, the value of a stone means nothing to me, as I’ve had so many different favorites over the years. For many years I loved the carnelian and onyx, but I follow fashion trends, which is why my jewelry is very eclectic and changeable.

Imagine you're in the year 2029. What is your dream material or stone to make jewelry with, and which perhaps no longer exists?

I hope there are still pearls in the sea in the year 2029, so that future generations are still able to enjoy nature and its magical and beautiful creations. It’s amazing that the sea can create something as beautiful as pearls.

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