The calendar reads January 2020, which means we’ve entered a new decade. If you need to update your jewellery box with this month's favorites keep reading. We have collected a selection of the most beautiful jewellery for less than 70 €.

Oftentimes December ends up being an expensive month, so start off the new year by adding some budget friendly jewellery pieces to your collection. Discover a great selection of jewellery that you can wear for all of January and the rest of 2020.

Simple Ring
Basic jewellery are underrated, but we think that this ring should be a staple in all women’s jewellery box. Basic does not equal boring – and actually basic jewellery are a must-have, because just like a basic item of clothing, they combine well with almost everything. You can create your own look and style with basic jewellery depending on what you pair them with. This ring is simple and has a stylish design and the ring can be worn on the outer finger joint for an edgy and personal look.

Bead Twist Earring
There is nothing like a good pair of earrings to complete an outfit, and therefore we can’t get around the fact that 2020 is the year where earrings will be one of our favorite styles. Earrings can both elevate an outfit and compliment it – all depending on size and design. These earrings add an elegant and playful touch to your everyday outfit and the simplicity of the design makes it perfect for combining with other Jane Kønig earrings.

Anchor Chain
Are you in need of a simple chain necklace? Our classic and timeless anchor chain is a safe bet. Wear it as is or add some Jane Kønig pendants – maybe you already have a pendant in your collection that you’d love to add. The chain comes in different lengths; 42 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm so it’s easy to find just the right length for you.

Anchor Chain Bracelet
Are you on the lookout for a simple bracelet? Our anchor chain bracelet may just be what you were looking for. Bracelets can be a great way to style your outfits and express your personal style and the classic design of this bracelet it a must-have for your collection. Add a pendant to the chain or combine it with other Jane Kønig bracelets.


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6 months ago
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