A piece of jewelry can say more than a thousand words… But what exactly is your jewelry gift saying to someone? Learn all about what different types of jewelry mean.

We have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years, and jewelry was traditionally worn as a symbol of wealth and power. That’s no longer the case. Now jewelry is something most people can afford. If you give jewelry as a gift, it’s generally seen as a token of love. Jewelry is beautiful and timeless, and so we often relate a specific piece of jewelry to a person or an event in our life. However, choosing the right jewelry is important, because it does actually matter whether you give someone a finger ring or a necklace – or whether the jewelry is made from gold, silver or diamonds.

The ring – for a special person
Historically, the ring symbolises alliances, status, and even magic. Just think of Odin’s gold ring Draupner or the mythical rings in Tolkien’s novels.

A ring is therefore a symbol of love and belonging – that you mean something serious. A simple ring adorned with a diamond is, for example, the classic engagement ring, so if you’re not intending to propose, you should probably opt for a minimalist or sculptural ring in silver or gold instead.

The necklace – close to the heart
A necklace is another beautiful symbol of love. The necklace can have many different lengths, but always lies next to the heart – which is why it’s the perfect gift for someone you hold dear.

Choose a simple and timeless chain in gold or silver, and add a personal look with a pendant that suits the recipient – such as letters, symbols or numbers.

Earrings – the safe present
If you want to play it safe, choose a pair of beautiful earrings. They’re always a hit. Their size doesn’t need to be adjusted, they can be worn by everyone and rarely send any signals that could be misunderstood by the recipient or the rest of the world.

Go for a pair of small, classic studs with a small pearl, stone or diamond, or if your recipient isn’t afraid to stand out, then a pair of sculptural earrings.

Bracelets – for those who love jewelry
A bracelet is the perfect gift for someone who loves jewelry. You can combine bracelets in numerous ways and wear several on your wrist at the same time, and mix colors, styles and looks.

A simple and minimalist bracelet in silver or gold is a sure hit, or be a little more daring and pick a contrasting bracelet with a mix of different shapes and materials.


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