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For Jane Kønig, love has always been the central focal point of her way of doing business, and her love and passion for design, craftsmanship and materials has permeated her life's work over the past 30 years. At Jane Kønig, we sincerely hope that this love is reflected in everything we do, from our products to our services and communication.

Be yourself 

At Jane Kønig, we believe in a trusting and open work environment. We respect each other's personalities, differences and professional abilities.

We believe 

We believe 100% in the company and its products. We only produce jewellery that we wholeheartedly believe will create joy and excitement. We always prioritize quality and durable design in everything we do.

Stay playfull and curious 

We will never stop playing around and challenging the conventional jewellery trends and how to work with materials. We demand room for creative thoughts to flow free and at our company there is room for all ideas.

Top of the game 

We are constantly working to become more resource efficient in all of our productions. We demand the best from our suppliers, just as we make strict demands on our own working methods.

2 years ago
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