Silver is one of the shiniest metals in the world and is a beautiful material for jewelry design. Jane Kønig makes her creations from pure sterling silver or with different plating.

Silver has been around for thousands of years and has played a big part in history. It was originally used for cutlery and coins, but is now also used for jewelry.

Shiny silver
Silver is the whitest and shiniest of all the metals – it is both a heavy metal and a precious metal. Just like gold and copper, silver isn’t eroded by oxygen. Pure silver is relatively soft, and just slightly harder than gold. This means that the silver easily dents and scratches, which is why it tends to be alloyed with copper to make it more durable.

How to check if your jewelry is silver
Jewelry is traditionally made of sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 % pure silver mixed with other metals, typically copper. Jewelry in sterling silver will always be marked with 925s. For cutlery and other objects, 830s is often used, which contains 83% silver.

Gold-plated, rose gold-plated or rhodinated
Most of Jane Kønig’s jewelry is made from sterling silver, which is either plated with 18 karat gold, rose gold or rhodium. The gold-plated jewelry oozes elegance and style, while the rose gold-plated jewelry with its deep rose hue is ideal for a more romantic look. Finally, the rhodinated plating adds a deeper intensity for an edgier look.

Silver suits you best if…
Most women can wear silver jewelry, but the shiny metal suits some better than others. Silver goes really well with pale skin that has pink undertones, and with dark eyes. If you have more of a golden skin tone and dark hair, you would be better off choosing jewelry in gold-plated or rose gold-plated silver.

Where does silver come from?
Silver is considered a rare metal and is found in nature. Most of the world’s silver is mined in Peru and Mexico, but it can also be found in America, Canada, Norway, Russia and Australia. While gold jewelry is considered a good investment, silver jewelry is a cheaper alternative to timeless and classic jewelry. Today one gram of silver costs around 3 kroner compared to 300 kroner for 1 gram of gold.

Did you know that…?
In the olden days silver was often associated with special powers because people believed that it had a healing effect, brought good luck and protected from evil spirits.


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