5 summer favourites

5 summer favourites
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5 summer favourites

Jump into the sunshine with stunning jewellery from Jane Kønig. Summer is finally here, and it’s an amazing opportunity to show off your jewellery. So we’ve found 5 must-have summer jewellery pieces that are sure to complement your summer outfits.


Jewellery enhances and completes your look, and even though it’s summer and you’re on holiday, jewellery is a key part of your summer style. Below, we’ve gathered together our favourite pieces, all perfect for this summer’s looks and trends. And read on to learn how to care for your jewellery during the warm weather months.


Big Moon Earring

Coloured stones are making a big splash this year, and summer is the ideal time to play with your personal style. Don’t be afraid to stand out with stones like turquoise and malachite, which are also perfect for all other seasons. Jane Kønig’s Big Moon Earring is utterly unique, and if you’re open to the idea of wearing large jewellery, this earring will be a fabulous choice for you.


Salon Pearl Bracelet

Get all set for your holidays with gorgeous pearls. Jane Kønig has designed jewellery for many years, and nature is a huge source of inspiration for Jane, who often uses pearls, stones and coral in her designs. Pearl jewellery can be worn year-round, but it makes an amazing match for the vibrant colours of summer. Complete your summer look with the alluring and unique Salon Pearl Bracelet.


Souvenir Anklet

The sun is shining and it’s time to show off your ankles, so why not adorn them with a lovely piece of jewellery? Anklets are this summer’s must-have, and Jane Kønig’s new Souvenir Anklet makes the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. If you want a more playful look, the anklet can be combined with your favourite Jane Kønig pendant.


Bridle Necklace

Turtlenecks are over for another year, and it’s time to show off all your stunning necklaces. Gorgeous jewellery is the most attention-getting element in a summer outfit, which makes the eye-catching Bridle Necklace the perfect choice. Pair this necklace with a pretty summer dress or cool T-shirt for an edgier look. The necklace is also available as a bracelet.


Salon Knocker

Unique and striking jewellery that stands out is ideal for summer parties and special occasions. That’s why one of our summer favourites is the stunning Salon Knocker earrings, which boast a vintage-inspired look. The earring features an appealing organic surface that stands in contrast to the refined scallop stamp.


Good advice on caring for your jewellery:


  • Remember to remove your jewellery before swimming
  • Remember to remove your jewellery when you apply sunscreen
  • Pack your jewellery in an airtight bag when you travel


Dive into Jane Kønig’s jewellery universe and discover your own summer jewellery favourite.



Summer favourites