Over the years, social media has become increasingly popular. In 2019, there were 250,000 active Danish Instagram accounts, that was posting pictures of everything from holidays, clothes and of course their jewellery. We have compiled an overview of the most Instagrammed Jane Kønig jewellery of 2019.

Instagram is one of the world's fastest growing social media platforms with more than 1 billion active users every month. Some use the platform as a sales channel, while others use it as a communication channel to keep up with friends and acquaintances. Since Instagram is a photo sharing platform, thousands of users have shared photos of their Jane Kønig jewellery in 2019. We love to see all of our followers wear the jewellery and that is why we have compiled an overview of the most Instagrammed Jane Kønig jewellery of 2019.

Chunky Hoops
Chunky Hoops is a pair of cool and classic earrings that can go with any outfit. They look great with both a chunky sweater and a flowy summer dress. Throughout all of 2019 these earrings have been very popular on Instagram and since the launch of our Small Chunky Hoops they’ve become a frequent style among our dear followers as well.

Big Braided Ring 
This ring has been a Jane Kønig customer favorite for a long time. Instagram is overflowing with inspiring pictures showcasing the ring in both sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver. The Big Braided ring adds a beautiful detail to any look, and we love to see how our followers style the ring with other Jane Kønig jewellery and jewellery from other brands.

Small Shell
With its beautiful textured surface, this earring is incredibly eye-catching and elegant. The shiny design of the earring makes it very beautiful in photos and adds that extra flair to any outfit. In 2019, we saw a wave of photos with our Small Shell earrings on Instagram, and the earring has been tagged on everything from dreamy beach photos to cool everyday photos.

Half Moon Earring
This earring moves when you wear it, and so it appears dancing and alive. Maybe you've even posted a photo with our Half Moon Earring yourself or seen one of our followers do it. Either way, there is no doubt that all the images with this earring are absolutely stunning.

It is clear that earrings are some of the most instagrammed styles among Jane Kønig's jewellery styles. Common to all the jewellery mentioned above is that they are very "insta-friendly" and just look really good in person and in pictures. That’s exactly why we believe these styles are the most popular Jane Kønig jewellery on Instagram in 2019.


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