A bracelet on a woman's wrist is extremely sophisticated, feminine and elegant. Why not wear several bracelets on one wrist and mix chunky bracelets with small feminine bracelets and also some earthy ones.

Jane Kønig's collection of bracelets contain both thin, subtle chains and chunky, eye-catching bracelets. Inspiration for the bracelet collection is found in everyday items such as screws, nails and pieces of string and even granny's white freshwater pearls.

The bracelets are available in 18 carat gold, 18 carat gold-plated silver and silver.

43 Items

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  1. F+E Chain Bracelet, sterling silver
    From €149.00
  2. Anchordia bracelet w. pearl lock
    From €475.00
  3. Drippy Bracelet, sterling silver
    From €55.00
  4. Souvenir Anklet, sterling silver
    From €55.00
  5. Chunky Bead Bracelet, sterling silver
    From €229.00
  6. Bridle Bracelet, sterling silver
    From €149.00
  7. Anchor Chain Bracelet
  8. Corn chain bracelet, 18-karat gold
    From €310.00
  9. Pearl Bracelet
  10. Pearl Bracelet
  11. Saturn Bracelet, 18-carat gold
    From €270.00
  12. Palmedia Bracelet
    From €270.00
  13. Anchor Chain Bracelet, 18-carat gold
    From €250.00

43 Items

Set Descending Direction


A bracelet is an essential item in any jewelry box, and you can never have too many. A bracelet can be worn on its own or combined with others, depending on the look you want to achieve. The sky’s the limit and you can mix and match them to your heart’s desire. Jane Kønig offers both modern and personal bracelets, which are simply personalized to the wearer through initials, numbers or symbols.
The category covers bracelets in silver, gold-plated silver and 18-carat gold.
Jewelry helps add detail, and gives you the opportunity to highlight your own personal style. Jane Kønig offers a varied selection of bracelets, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the exact bracelet that suits you and your personality. Our bracelets are available in several colors and materials, all of which can be combined with Jane Kønig’s other jewelry. The range comprises both elegant and slightly edgier styles, so whether you're searching for a bracelet to supplement your look or add a little edge, you’ll find it here. If you already have some favorite pieces at home, you can also combine our bracelets with your existing jewelry.

Mix and Match

If you need some inspiration for mixing and matching your bracelets, read on here. If you want to create a quirky and playful look, you could combine our chain bracelets with our Love Letters with symbols. You could also add a Startag pendant by running the chain through it, for a more alternative and unique look. By adding a pendant to your bracelet, you can make it more personal to you and create something quite unique.

For a simpler look, try combining our Anchor Chain bracelet with our Half Moon Bracelet. If you’d like your bracelets to be a little more eye-catching, we recommend our Simple Bead Bracelet with our Chunky Bead Bracelet. There are plenty more combinations to play with, it’s just about exploring them and adding your preferences. For more inspiration, visit our flagship stores where our staff can guide you towards the perfect combination just for you.