Combination of a Reflection letter and necklace, gold plated sterling silver

Combination of a necklace and a Reflection letter in 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver.

Reflection Letters in 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver with engraved details to lend a dramatic, shiny look. 

Reflection Letters are 14 mm high and vary between 6 and 18 mm in width.

With these wonderful Reflection Letters, we predict the birth of a new classic. Think of our Reflection Letters as our Letter Pendant’s naughty little brother.

Reflection Letters glimmer in competition with the sun and will really stand out. Reflection Letters can be worn on a chain alone or together. You can also choose to mix and match with some of our other stunning pendants.  Wear your own letter or pay homage to someone you care about by placing his or her letter on your chain. Reflection Letters will make the perfect gift.


Stretched Anchor Chain necklace in matte gold-plated sterling silver. The necklace has two closure points which means the length can be adjusted to either 42 or 50 cm. The oval chain links add edginess to the minimalistic and feminine design. Combine the necklace with your favourite Jane Kønig pendants for a personalized look.

Curb chain in matt gold-plated sterling silver. The necklace is 1.2 mm thick.

Anchor chain in matte, gold plated sterling silver; 1.2 mm thick. The anchor chain is a classic, timeless chain that everyone should own. The necklace is available in lengths of 42 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm. 

Faceted anchor chain in matte, gold plated sterling silver. The necklace measures 50 cm and closes with a clasp. The chain is classic, but the pretty detail at the clasp makes it special. L. 50 cm T. 1.2 mm

F+E Chain necklace in gold-plated sterling silver. The necklace consists of an anchor chain measuring 50 cm in length. The chunky links of the necklace draw clear references to both hip-hop and pop culture and can be worn by both genders.



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