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Confirmations 2020
The season of confirmations is almost upon us, which is why Jane Kønig has put together a selection of jewelry that will inspire you towards the perfect gift or wish list. Whether you’re putting your own wish list together or you’re looking for the perfect gift, we’ve made it easy for you by gathering our favorites in the ultimate gift guide below.

120 Item(s)

The gift giver
Finding just the right gift for that special day can be tricky. That’s why we have picked out the most symbolic jewelry for the occasion. Each piece conceals an important meaning in the form or letters or designs - a long-lasting memento of an unforgettable day. Whether the confirmand is your friend, daughter, grandchild or just someone you love, look no further than our wide range of designs for jewelry that complement’s any style.

The confirmand
If you want to shine on your special day, then let jewelry be part of your confirmation outfit. A perfect piece of jewelry for your look is our classic cross pendant, which is available in several sizes and with or without diamonds. If you want to stand out, then you’ll love our statement Shield ring or our small Curly Hoops, whose coiled silver thread creates a sculptural and quirky silhouette, and makes these earrings rather special.
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