Jane Kønig's earring collection is inspired from everything from horns and crosses to old shields and granny's classic freshwater pearls.

The earrings are available in 18 carat gold, 18 carat gold-plated silver and silver. The range of earrings spans a broad array of looks, shapes and detail.

Right from funky ear cuffs to feminine creoles and classic ear studs. Experiment with the wide range of earrings and put them together to reflect your own unique and personal style.

Jane Kønig's earrings can be styled and combined in numerous ways. The options are endless!

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  1. Tiny diamond hoop, 18-carat white gold, 0.066 ct. diamond
    Note that the price is for a piece
  2. Tiny diamond hoop, 18-carat white gold, 0.042 ct. diamond
    Note that the price is for a piece
  3. Drop ear stud, 18-carat white gold, 0.11 ct. diamond
    Note that the price is for a piece
  4. Rhomb ear stud, 18-carat white gold, 0,025 ct diamond
    Note that the price is for a piece
  5. Mini diamond hoop, 18-carat white gold, 0,156 ct. diamond
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  6. Large Diamond Hoops Ø 44,5 mm. 18-carat white gold, 0,484 ct. diamond
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Complete your look by framing your face with a pair of earrings from Jane Kønig. Earrings are the perfect accessory and there’s no doubt that they play an important part in the complete look. With our wide range of styles and materials, you’re sure to find a pair of earrings to suit your personal style. Jane Kønig’s universe offers everything from discreet earrings to large, eye-catching statement pieces, which can easily be combined with existing jewelry from your jewelry box. You will find well-designed earrings of high quality, all designed at Jane Kønig’s workshop in Copenhagen. We have earrings in  silver, gold-plated silver and 18-carat gold.
If you’re struggling to find the right earrings to help complement your look, read on for some inspiration.

Classic and simple earrings

If you prefer your jewelry toned down, then our simple and classic earrings are just for you. We have both simple earrings that sit close to the ear, and earrings that hang, creating elegant movement and adding a lovely detail to your outfit. If you have several holes in your ears, you can mix and match the different earrings. Combine two different earrings, and if you have several holes in your ears, create combinations depending on the look you want to achieve. If you prefer classic earrings, our pearl earrings or diamond studs make an ideal choice. For something a little extra while still keeping your look simple and elegant, then our Star Spiral earrings are perfect - they are both minimalist and add a little twist in the form of a stone.

Large and modern earrings

If you like your jewelry to be more than just the classic style, then we have plenty of earrings that would be perfect for your taste. Our earrings come in many different shapes and colors, giving you plenty of options to combine different styles. One of our absolute favorite statement earrings is the 70s inspired Big Moon earring, adorned with different stones and pearls. Other favorites, which include some of our most popular earrings, are Sun, Ringlet, Plissé and Shell. Common to all these earrings is that they really stand out in a casual outfit.


Jane Kønig introduced hoops into her range many years ago, and they are still part of the collection today. This category contains many different and beautiful earrings in both small and large sizes. This means you can find the exact earrings that are best for you – whether you prefer tiny hoops or extra-large ones. You can combine our hoops with other earrings, and with our pendants, which can be placed alongside the hoop for a funky and alternative look. Some of our favorites in this category include Chunky Hoops, Slender Hoops, Curly Hoops, and Midi Hoops.

Jane’s inspiration

Jane Kønig’s earrings come from a variety of collections and don’t all come from the same source of inspiration, which is why you’ll find that the earrings have different looks. Jane Kønig doesn’t allow herself to be limited to a specific style. On the contrary, she allows herself to be inspired by her dynamic surroundings, which are then reflected in her styles of earring. With such a wide choice, you’re sure to find earrings that are perfect for you or for a special occasion, such as a confirmation, wedding, birthday or other important events.