Gold plating

Gold plated jewellery, unfortunately, wears over time. But it is easy to transform your beloved Jane Kønig jewellery back to a shiny 18-carat gold item.

You can have your old gold plated Jane Kønig jewellery replated in our stores in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.

Our skilled goldsmiths make the plating by hand. Then they polish the jewellery so that the item obtains a beautiful glossy surface. Note the jewellery may have a slightly different tone after the treatment, as it is 18-carat gold it is coated with.

You can also order plating online.



Gold plating with 18-carat gold comes in these variants



Small, which applies to all jewellery with a smaller surface 
Medium, which applies to all jewellery with larger surfaces
Large, which applies to all jewellery with a more complex or large surface
  • All pendants
  • Ear sticks
  • Chain earrings
  • Princess and Thin rings
  • Bracelets
  • Chain necklaces 
  • Earings
  • V rings, Braided rings and Shield rings
  • Bracelet Chunky bead
  • Wire choker
  • Bridle armbånd and necklaces
  • Love Tag bracelets and necklaces with 2 or more Love Tags or pendants
Price 20€
Price 34€
Price 47€



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  1. Gold plating, small
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  3. Gold plating, medium

3 Items

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