A Lovetag is a simple piece of jewelry that contains a declaration of love, which is both private and secret. The letters can symbolise a unique connection to a loved one, a sibling or close friend. Create a unique and personal piece of jewelry with Jane Kønig's Lovetags. The collection of Lovetags consists of both Lovetag necklaces, Lovetag bracelets and Lovetag pendants.
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Need a personal and beautiful gift for someone you love, or a gift wish for yourself? Personal jewelry is becoming an increasingly popular gift and is the perfect accessory that can help make your style unique. Jane Kønig offers a wide range of personal jewelry – from star sign pendants to jewelry with letters and symbols. Among these, Jane Kønig’s Lovetag jewelry allows you to tell your own personal story. Lovetags are available as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Jane Kønig’s Lovetag pendant is available in three different sizes and with several platings. Find the Lovetag that matches your style, and add the chain type and length you prefer. For a simple look, pick sterling silver jewelry with or without plating, while for a little more sparkle, opt for a pendant in 18 karat gold with brilliants. There are many different combinations as Jane Kønig’s range also offers other personal pendants, such as Love Letter, Startag and Letter Pendant.

Personalize your jewelry
Jane Kønig knows that jewelry can have a special and personal significance. You can use our Lovetags to personalize your jewelry, so that it is designed just for you or the person you wish to spoil. You could pick letters or numbers that symbolize that person or mark a date that means something special to you. Add your own story to the jewelry and combine it with other jewelry from Jane Kønig. The Lovetag is an ideal gift and one of our bestsellers. It’s the perfect confirmation gift, Mother’s day present or birthday present.