Jane Kønig necklaces are available in 18 carat gold, 18 carat gold-plated silver and silver.

The collection of necklaces mainly comprises two simple and timeless chains, the Ball chain and Anchor chain. Both the Ball chain and Anchor chain can be styled and combined in numerous ways.

Why not add one or more pendants or Love Tags to your chain - making your necklace both personal and unique. All necklaces from Jane Kønig are available in three lengths, 42 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm respectively.

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  3. Anchordia necklace w. pearl lock
    From €610.00
  4. Small baroque pearl necklace
    From €430.00
  5. Body Chain
  6. Faceted Anchor Chain
  7. Palmedia Chain, 18-carat gold
    From €400.00
  8. Saturn Chain, 18-carat gold
    From €370.00
  9. Anchor Chain, 18-carat gold
    From €370.00
  10. Pearl Letter Pendant, 18 carat gold
    From €1,550.00
    Note that the price is for a piece
  11. Pearl Bridle Necklace, 18 carat gold
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  12. Corn chain necklace, 18-carat gold
    From €480.00
  13. Anchordia chain
    From €400.00

55 Items

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Here at Jane Kønig, we’re passionate about necklaces, especially because Jane has been designing them ever since she began her journey as a jewelry designer. One really special necklace is Jane Kønig’s Lovetag necklace, designed back in 1989 when Jane first opened her flagship store. This necklace is extra special for Jane, which is why she also wants it to be extra special for you. Since then, she has expanded her range of necklaces, which is why it’s easy to find a style that perfectly fits your personality.

Explore our world of necklaces, and find the color and chain length you prefer. Perhaps you already have an heirloom that you can wear together with a new necklace. If you would like a chain of a different length to the one shown here, simply click on the product and change the length.

The category covers necklaces in silver, gold-plated silver and 18-carat gold.

Pick a necklace for your outfit

A necklace can make a big difference to your look. It’s the perfect solution if you need to add a little extra touch to your outfit. The right necklace can change your entire look, and also enhance the look you want – whether you want to upscale or downscale. If you’re wearing a high-neck dress or top, where a short chain wouldn’t be visible, you could break the look up with a longer chain. Combining different lengths of chains and adding different pendants can also create a great style. If you feel a little too naked, or are wearing clothes with plenty of details, then a simple necklace is more suitable. But with a simple outfit, you could easily go all out with a flamboyant necklace, such as our Bridle Necklace.

A necklace as a gift

There are plenty of occasions to spoil someone you hold dear, and with Jane Kønig’s wide range of designs, you'll be able to find something to suit every taste. A necklace makes a great gift for special festivities such as Christmas, birthdays, confirmations, wedding gifts, Mother’s day or other special occasions. But you don’t always have to wait for a special occasion to gift someone a Jane Kønig necklace. Sometimes you might just want to spoil the one you love a bit.

All our jewelry is packaged in pretty boxes, ready to give to the recipient.