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Jane has always loved working with 18-karat gold. She feels that it creates a space for her to unleash her inspiration and creativity and design beautiful, unique jewellery each of which stores a beautiful tale. All unique pieces are locally produced at Jane's workshop in Copenhagen, where she personally handles every piece of jewellery. Everything from idea to production takes place here, and this is where Jane feels at home - at home in the surroundings of lovely colleagues and a lovely atmosphere.

Each piece of jewellery holds a beautiful and unique story, all of which are based on Jane's travels and meetings with other cultures and people. Some of the jewellery may appear simple, but behind them lies a story full of love and inspiration. The inspiration is based on all the memories that Jane has stored in her inner library as well as the stones that Jane has found on her travels abroad. Before starting the design process, Jane will pull out the stones and pearls and let the memories she has with each item lead her design process.
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