A pendant can make a necklace or bracelet both personal and unique.

The inspiration for Jane Kønig's pendants comes from everything such as crosses and stars to old medals. The collection of Lovetags is a modern interpretation of the classic medallion, which used to contain a secret declaration of love. The letters can symbolize a unique connection to a loved one, maybe a sibling or good friend. You can mix and match Jane Kønig's pendants as you like. Why not wear several pendants on the same chain and create a special and personal piece of jewelry?
The pendants are available in 18 carat gold, 18 carat gold plated silver, rhodinated silver, rose gold plated silver and sterling silver.

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  1. Small Lovetag
    From €27.00
  2. Small Lovetag
    From €30.00
  3. Medium Lovetag
    From €34.00
  4. Medium Lovetag
    From €41.00
  5. Big Lovetag
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  6. Big Lovetag
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  7. Half Moon Pendant
  8. Half Moon Pendant
  9. Small Simple Cross

Items 19-27 of 173

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Set Descending Direction
If you’re looking for a new pendant for your necklace, then Jane Kønig has the next jewelry for your collection. If you already have a chain, you can easily switch the pendant or wear it according to the occasion. You can create your own personal look, but you could also change your chain to suit the mood and the occasion. Jane Kønig offers a wealth of different pendants in different price ranges to suit your budget.

You can easily combine several pendants in one chain, or you could wear different chain lengths with a pendant on each one. We have pendants with brilliants, sapphires, enamel and pearls – so something to suit every taste.

Personal and meaningful pendants
Many of Jane Kønig’s pendants are personal and a symbol of the love you have for your mother, sister, partner, friend or anyone else you hold dear. Among these personal pendants is Jane Kønig’s signature jewelry, the Lovetag pendant. This pendant allows you to create a personal piece of jewelry, and the unique design makes the pendant an ideal gift for yourself – or someone you love. The pendant comes in both sterling silver with different platings or in 18 karat gold. Another alternative to the Lovetag pendant is the beautiful Letter Pendant with diamonds. This pendant is simple and elegant, and you can add your own story to the jewelry.

Another personal pendant that you’ll find in Jane Kønig’s range is the popular Startag pendant. With this pendant, Jane Kønig reinvents the star signs by interpreting them in her own unique way, adding a poetic touch. Jane Kønig plays with the meaning and symbols of the star signs, creating 12 cryptic designs, each with their own story to tell – edgy, elegant and highly personal. As a unique feature, the Startag pendant’s design allows you to plait the chain through the jewelry wherever you choose.

The perfect gift
Need to find the perfect gift? Our personal pendants can be used as lucky charms, which is why they make the perfect gift for important occasions. Jane Kønig’s pendants are the perfect gift idea as most girls and women love jewelry. There’s nothing better than getting a piece of jewelry from someone you love, and one which conceals a special meaning.

Find inspiration in Jane Kønig’s online shop and find the pendants that most appeal to you or the person you want to buy a gift for. If you would like to see our pendants before you buy, you’re welcome to visit one of our two flagship stores in Copenhagen and Aarhus.