Jane Kønig's ring collection has something for everyone. Both engagement rings, wedding rings and the must-have rings for your jewellery collection. Contrasts occur in the encounter between the simple and subtle, the funky and eye-catching and the utterly feminine, classic and elegant rings. From the V-ring's sharp and simple lines to the Leaf ring's delicate, romantic look.

The collection of pearl rings is extremely sophisticated with stunning, white freshwater pearls in different sizes. Jane Kønig's rings are available in 18 carat gold, 18 carat gold-plated silver and silver.

Mix and match rings from Jane Kønig to create a unique and personal style.

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  1. Small Braided Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €715.00
  2. Medium Braided Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €850.00
  3. Simple Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €203.00
  4. Big Chain Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €230.00
  5. Small Chain Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €162.00
  6. V Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €1,014.00
  7. Classic Signet Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €1,824.00
  8. Big Ball ring, 18-carat gold, 3 mm.
    From €785.00
  9. Star engraved ring, 18-carat gold
    From €1,050.00
  10. Temple Ring, 18-carat gold
    From €340.00
  11. Big Braided Ring | 18-Carat Gold
    From €1,150.00
  12. Rosecut Diamond Ring

37 Items

Set Descending Direction


Complement your look with rings in different shapes and designs. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or you’d simply like a new ring for your own jewellery box, Jane Kønig has a wide range of rings to offer you. The category covers rings in silver, gold-plated silver and 18-carat gold rings.

Our wide selection of designs offers everything from minimalist rings to statement rings. Some rings are adorned with pearls, while others have sapphires and brilliants. Our wide range makes it easy for you to find the exact ring that best suits your personal style. We have rings for all types of girls and women, and you won’t feel limited as our rings also suit all manner of occasions – whether festive occasions or everyday wear.

Rings can be worn individually, stacked, or placed one on each finger. How you put together your rings depends entirely on whether you want a simple look or a more eye-catching look. You can also combine several platings for an edgy look. It’s always a good idea to have several rings in your jewellery box, as there may be a difference between the rings you might wear every day, and those you wear when we go out. Finger rings are a great way to boost an outfit and to add an extra touch to your style. If you love jewellery, take a look at our earrings, necklaces or pendants too. Here you’ll find other jewellery to match your ring, allowing you to create a more consistent look.

Rings - A symbol of love

Rings are the jewellery we wear and look at all the time. That’s why rings can mean something special to the person wearing them. If you’ve received a ring as a gift, it can be a symbol of love. That’s why rings can mean something special both for the gift giver and the recipient. Rings have not always been a piece of everyday jewellery, but today most women wear rings without it needing to be a sign of marital status. Rings can also be a sign of friendship, family relationships or love for someone you hold dear. If you’re looking for a personalized ring, then our Lovetag ring will be the ideal gift as it can represent a special meaning. All our rings are packaged in a beautiful box, whether it’s for you or someone else.

With Jane Kønig’s rings, you are guaranteed excellent quality and rings that are designed with love. Explore our collections and be inspired by the many beautiful rings.