Jewellery cleaner kit, Bling it on, 225 ml.

Jewellery is a consumable item, that must be cleaned and nurtured as required. Keep your jewellery beautiful and shiny with the Jane Kønig jewellery cleanse kit.

All silver jewellery goes through a natural process, over time, called oxidation. The oxidation shows as dark plumage, on the jewellery, but this can be removed with a jewellery polishing cloth or liquid silver cleaner. Be aware, that gold-plated jewellery should not be polished with a polishing cloth, as there are fibres in the cloth that can damage the plating.

At Jane Kønig we make it a point to take great care of our jewellery so it will last for a very long time. Jewellery requires maintenance to stay beautiful and shiny and that is why we’re introducing our very own liquid silver cleaner “bling it on”.

Read the instructions on the packaging thoroughly prior to cleaning your jewellery. 



Silver polish 225 ml.

Complete with basket, brush and polishing cloth.

Gives your silver and gold-plated silver a good clean. Within minutes this kit will remove tarnish and restore the bling to your jewellery.




Place your silver jewellery in the dipping basket and immerse in the fluid for 2 minutes. Repeat if necessary but do not leave any items immersed for long periods. Note: Gold-plated jewellery should only be dipped for a few seconds in order not to weaken the plating. 

Once clean, rinse the jewellery in water then dry with a soft cloth. Silver jewellery can be further polished with the silver polishing cloth provided for anti-tarnish protection. Note: do not use the silver polishing cloth on gold-plated jewellery.

Avoid contact with hands. Rinse hands thoroughly with water if in contact with the fluid.

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You can exchange the jewellery within 30 days from the day you receive the goods, on presentation of a valid receipt. In the webshop, you can exchange the jewellery for a voucher or return the jewellery and get your money back.

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